What we do here?

Love has been the essence of our existence together as if it was not for love then we would not struggle to stay alive together. Love is the most important thing; however, we shy to talk about it. We have made this the mission that we want to educate young minds be open to accepting their feelings. We are trying to educate young minds so that they don’t shy away and understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. We are trying to understand how to love better.

So, how do we get the elephant out of the cupboard?

We engage young minds and beautiful people with short stories, poetry, quotes, and direct honest conversation. Through forums, workshops, and discussions we aim towards developing an online virtual community where people of all ages can discuss and bring, there own experiences on the table and talk happily about love and relationship without being judged.

Who are we?

We are a young couple happily married from ten years and parent to two young angels. We want to make a better world for them and everyone else. We both are online bloggers and usually interact with people on all social media about who we are & what we do. However, here we are planning to just talk about “LOVE”

Why do we feel this will help?

As per the multiple existing theories and explanations of sexual violence. There are many theories that suggest socioeconomics, power, anger, sadism, ethical standards, traits, laws, and evolutionary pressures usually lend some explanation towards sexual violence – rape, sexual harassment, molestation, stalking, incest, etc. The identified root cause of the problem – Unable to handle proximity.

Temporary Workaround – Get this clear,

“Talking Helps”

If we talk about thing’s we feel it always helps. So, don’t shy away from but talk to us. Here we are trying to build a space where everyone can actually talk about what they feel without the apprehensions of being judged.

So, what would permanently fix this? Sex Education. Period.

Knowledge is for everyone to be a part hence sex education should not be limited to certain groups of people because we don’t want to limit improvement. Access to complete and medically accurate sex education is a human right. Everyone should be able to handle their relationship with others and decide whether they want to be close to that person or not. It should be a choice.

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