Can you make the first move my Gal? 3 Ways to “Ask Him Out”

Can a girl ask on date @lovewebguru 4

Gone are the days when you would wait for the boy to ask you out and know him better! Today’s Generation Z (aka Gen-Z) is all geared and girls don’t fear to express themselves. It’s kinda cool – isn’t it? Although me being a millennial thinks it is cool but still enjoys being asked first. That is the irony still that millennials are stuck with is it just cool or even right.

So, Can a girl ask a guy for a date? If you ask me, a straight “YES” would be my answer loud and clear. Now, at least there need not still be a debate. So ladies gear up, if you like him and want to know him – ask him out. 

Can a girl ask on date @lovewebguru 4

Can a girl ask on date @lovewebguru

How Should you make your first move?

Hack #1 – Simple and Direct

Be simple and direct in your approach. Beating by the bush never helps so be friendly and straightforward and discuss it with him. It’s very normal to have feelings for someone. So ask him out for coffee or brunch. There is no need for much explanation or detail so avoid confusing him.

In case you are a bit shy to talk about it why not text.

Hack # 2 Go out as friends and not lovers

Don’t sound desperate and why get in a mess till you are sure. So try to spend time with him like a friend. See if anything sparks and then maybe organically things would build. 

Hack # 3 Go on a Group Date

In case you have a common social friend or group whether it be gym, school or work then try and get into a group event or some healthy group activity. Doing something together gives you a chance to know each other better with a purpose. Always remember confidence is the new sexy!

Can a girl ask on date @lovewebguru

Romantic date. Charming girl and her boyfriend sitting at the table and holding cups of coffee

So, if he says yes, then you need a plan. Try to keep the first meet light and fun so coffee or brunch would be lovely. In case he says No, please respect his decision with dignity. Rejection is a part of the game and there will be many fishes to catch. Don’t let this put you off! So have fun when you can. 

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