Night with No End – Coffee Story Part 3

Night with No End – Coffee Story Part 3
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Night With No End

She was not sure what was she thinking. How could she have forgotten her first month anniversary? His mesmerizing smell still lingering in her nostrils and the sensuousness of his tongue.

Should she respond now? But what will she say? – She suddenly felt his hands slide along her waistline and holding her closer to his brown skin. Her breasts tingled beneath his breath.

He had never felt him so close before. It was supposed to happen one day but when and where she was not sure.

Earlier, also she had felt his nerves tighten when she picked something, she would feel his eyes glued. But there was no icebreaking.

But today there was no stopping back. Her lips gave in and responded to his touch.

Finally, when they parted, he announced he has called a few friends to celebrate the occasion. This was a bit unexpected first the kiss and then sudden guests. But he hurried “they should be here any moment as we all almost left office the same time”.

She didn’t understand what was the rush for and why this sudden kiss. But pushing the thoughts away like a virtuous wife she helped him assemble few things.

Vikram ordered dinner from nearby restaurant and even ordered a cake. He shouted from the other end of the room “Chocolate or Pineapple” – Huh she said.

Not able to interpret what he had in mind. He was giving her the choice but her thoughts lingered on his kiss.

She thought did he taste like “Chocolate or Strawberry”. He could read her eyes, the restlessness in her; moving closer he pulled his arms around her and said I know very bad idea to have started and left things in between but they will be here soon or else trust me you were looking so delectable in these shorts I couldn’t have stopped.

So, what should I order chocolate cake or pineapple? Which one do you like more? Understanding the rush, she finally uttered “Chocolate”. She looked at the man who looked at her with open admiration and desire in eyes.

She shuddered again to his touch and thrills triggered down below. She felt buoyant when his lips again came crashing on her. “Just the way I like it” he called it loud on the Chocolate and disconnected the call.

With his raw hunger, he started implanting more kisses on her bare shoulder. She welcomed him with moans this time with confidence she ran his fingers through his wet messy hair.

His voice became husky as he came upon her from behind to cover her in his arm still not leaving her lips alone. His breathing was as ragged as her and she was sure he could hear her heartthrob. His heart also pounding longer enough for her to listen.

She had never felt such a connection with anyone which she was right now feeling with Vikram. The one-man she was closest too yet did know much.

She was surprised how just by a kiss he could bring so many reactions in her. She had been in a relationship at college but never felt it anyway close to this with Naveen.

They had kissed but it used to be slight pecks on lips or otherwise. But Vikram he was different. She could even feel his hardness and sense the beast threatening him to rip his lower too.

In a very sensuous voice he said I want to so much dig into you to find out so much more – “but go and change to something party like coz you will need host this party with me and seeing you in these shorts, again and again, I won’t be able to able to hold myself and will have to excuse us from our own anniversary party”.

She felt rancor around the corner of lips god knows when they will come and we could get rid of them so that we can have the night to ourselves.

The room brightened suddenly seeing his bright face and why would not he be, after all, he is a handsome man not readily pleased. However, today she felt he was different.

She ran in her room to get dressed and in the meantime, Vikram rankled through the selves to get plates and glasses for the guest and then opening. Hearing all the noise Sam rushed back in to see him standing a small stool to get the set of beer mugs and paper plates.

“What are you looking for over there?” – Sam almost shrieked with impatience. He gave a slide glance and tried to grab the big box.

I don’t know what hell happened here I have been looking for the beer mugs earlier I had kept here but its no where to be seen. God knows where are things in my house these days.

She was cheerful and exhilarated and pulled a drawer to see his glasses in lined in a clean rack.

“Not your home – Our Home” her eyes had that twinkle which made him twitch on his neck.

“ Ya! Ya! How could I forget I have a tigress to rule my cave now, and who loves to misplace my beer mug.”

“Nonsense” – She grinned.

This is exactly how it should be placed and not be thrown anywhere. A subtle laugh escaped both of them and she handed him his clothes don’t worry I already have all those sorted.

Let the dinner arrive and will be able to manage. You did not tell me how many people are coming. Getting down the stool he looked up straight in her eyes my entire team is coming say 11 people.

Shocked and gasped her mouth dropped in utter shock. So many of them damn couldn’t you call me beforehand. He said I tried but your number was busy and later I lost track of time.

She consoled herself and we will manage not meant to say so loudly. He could see her tensed and he held her arms “Just do one thing get ready for me the way you did when I first saw you. I want our first night to be very special.” She felt a twist in her abs and being so near to him made her hungry for him.

She turned her eyes away and got back to get ready. Looking herself in the mirror she saw a red flush appearing on her cheeks. Whatever the night hold for them she was already so happy.

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