Parenting Advise – Proven wrong that it’s more difficult to raise boys than girls


Earlier I had a delusion that it’s easier to raise girls than boys. Trust me(parenting advise)- I was so happy when blessed with two little angels. I was in cloud nine; my life is now sorted. However, slowly my rainbow faded when hard reality struck on me. No doubt every kid takes the mold of their natural personalities and their upbringing.

As a young girl, due to different handling from my brother I always wished to be unprejudicial towards my kids. This led to such wiring of my kids. If I tell you honestly and it may seem to you that it is funny parenting advice but think before having kids. In an attempt to be to focus on their development and skills, I tried to give them an open ambiance. To my surprise, my elder daughter is a complete fashionista with all the accompanying tantrums and the younger one is very down to earth but very stubborn on her decision.

Yes, I am not talking I am talking about my 8-year-old and 5-year-old princess. However few basics I have inculcated in them for sure is

· Discipline
From a young age, I have tried to make them responsible for their actions. They have been well trained by the family to respond quickly. Always stick to disciplined strategies and regular efforts towards personality building.

· Physical Safety
So, I am in fix for this one but have somehow found a solution. Subsequently, my younger one is very active and usually experimenting with dangerous stunts and on occasion, has required more bandages and stitches. Yes, you heard it my girl child is so aggressive that I have to always keep a closer eye on her. While the elder one is still more compassionate and understands if we sojourn her from playing something of physical safety concerns. Parenting advice for 8-year old was much easier than younger one.

· Communication
Both my girls are very talkative and buzz like bees in our house. This confidence had been intentionally built in them so that tomorrow they don’t struggle with public speaking etc. I think this has also helped them identify their personalities and grow self-esteem.



So, the best parenting advice would be whether it be a girl or a boy I think it is more important that we focus on carving kids with care.

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