Parenting Advise: When to talk sex with your kids?

Parenting Advise: When to talk sex with your kids?

So it was the big day for me to face the music and answer an innocent question about sex and having a baby?

Very sweetly she asked me after watching a movie? Where is your cut when you gave me birth. Yes after watching the new movie Shakuntala, a twisted tale about a mathematic genius mother, struggling with emotional drama all my 8-year-old kid was curious to know do I also have a C-section mark from her birth.

Thankfully, I did have a C-section delivery and I bore the mark. I could see a clear hint of pride in her eyes to realize her mom also loves her like the heroine of the movie. Shocked! Yes this is how it happens out of nothing you get bombshell with questions

Talking and discussing S-E-X can be different for each one of use. Some of the questions that often run through parents’ minds:



What do you say?

The best advice is, to be honest, and say the truth. instead of playing around to make a false story making, it is always better to stick to the science of it

How do you say it?

Clearly call it out that a man and women make a baby feel love and express their love. Explain to them the cycle of life, death, and birth. Trust me these days cartoons teach them so many things about how society and life behaves. I might be sounding very optimistic but many times youtube or any other entertainment media already prepares the child with their grounding.

When is the right time to bring it up? At what age should we be talking to our child/tweens/teens about sex?

I think there is no specific age and it completely depends upon your ambiance and level of child’s curiosity

How do you respond to questions when you are unprepared to answer them?

So be natural while explain and try and answer her curiosity to the end of it. Don’t shy away from the question. So I showed her my belly mark which was different from the motion movie. So she ain asked me why it’s different? Is it not the same? Do I love her less? I very calmly answered all her queries and added that there are two kinds of birth for baby one is normal delivery and the other C-section and it never measures mothers’ love through this because this all happens on the way how the baby was born.

How to talk to children/tweens/teens about the #metoo movement. What are some ways to prevent this from happening to my child/tween/teen when they become an adult?

I would suggest all parent please take interest in your child’s life and for some time be constructive to inform about what is happening in the world around them. Make them aware of situation and reactions of everyone how one needs to cope and difference of opinion. So even for topics as #metoo movement try and keep them informed. News, whtsapp frwd, memes, social events, awareness campaign always helps


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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