15 Reason to Prove you are in a Toxic Relationship

Relationship Advise

What to do when you feel there is a fire in paradise? Don’t let everything tear up. Instead, focus and look for early signs and immediately start amending. Be Proactive.

Early sign to show your relationship has gone toxic –

He does not talk to me anymore

He does not like spending time with you anymore.

Everything ends with an argument.

No effort to resolve issues from his side

He is very taciturn and always unavailable

He tries escapism

He always has quick sex or completely avoids it

He gets irritated every time you speak

His behavior keeps changing and you have a suspicion that he is cheating

He always takes you and your actions for granted

He prefers to stay away from you and there is an emptiness

His day starts and ends with your criticism

Whenever he looks at you the reactions are very cold

He does not feel your need

He makes you uncomfortable around himself

So, when you get these early signs like these don’t stop yourself here. You have found the problem now focus on solutions.

So, you need to realize one thing with time everyone changes. So, he might have also evolved so accept him.

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