5 Long Distance Relationship Quotes that will Force You to Dial his Number


There are all more reasons to stay apart be it study, job or home but there far more reasons to stay close. And in such a season of social distancing and lockdown, regular couples are forced to be in LDR. Long-distance relationships are very difficult to handle but with the effort, you can stay strong. few quotes that melt my heart away –


I carry you in my heart with me and I carry it in my heart

Those short phone calls, video calls or two more hearts on the text makes all the difference to his day.

Distance is just a test of how far love can travel and time is the most important thing. So whether you same in the same house or continents apart the distance in your relationship decides how much effort will you require to communicate.

Distance means so little when someone means so much and its all the prioritization which makes all the difference. So never take your long-distance relationship for granted.

Close together or far apart, you are forever in my heart. It is a closed deal and goes with the flow.


An ocean separates lands and not souls.

so always remain connected to your bae and enjoy the most beautiful emotion. So don’t wait to give him a nudge! VC him and don’t stay unhappy in quarantine.

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