9 Ways to Opt and fix a Broken Relationship

Fix a Broken Relationship



Fix a broken Relationship

Fix a broken Relationship

Is it so important to have your ego prove yourself that you are superior or do you feel the person is more important? Life is like a rollercoaster ride and there are many ups and downs. While you are in difficulty only your close ones keep you motivated while when you are at the top it is most important that you keep such people close.

fix a Broken Relationship

Fix a Broken Relationship

So 9 golden rules to amend all that’s done wrong –

fix a Broken Relationship

Fix a Broken Relationship

Be patient and Calm

Usually, communication is the key to any relationship. So when going through a phase good or bad it is best to stay calm and not be reactive to any situation. Instead, give time and space to your loved one.

Be empathetic and understand more

Whenever you feel that you have lost the hope to save your relationship. Pause. Yes! Pause and think again what is the one thing which is tearing you apart. If you were in his shoes would you have behaved the same way and understand his cause?

Very easy do the 2 F’s

Talk, forgive and forget. Just do the basics and make everything work fine again. Understand, in a relationship somebody has to be the responsible one.

Give Space and Breathe

Every relationship needs time and space. If in argument or going through a bad phase, then realize everything can never be sorted at one go. So give space and take space. Time is the best healing tantra, it fixes everything on its own so do that and never cease make efforts to revive

Don’t feel pressured to sorry but feel responsible

In case you feel that you have made a mistake, acknowledge and move on. Be responsible for your actions and move ahead. Don’t over criticize or discuss the situation to make it painful for the other and keep your expectations low.

In case a sorry can close a case say it

Sometimes the three magical words do it all. “I am sorry” is all that is required so don’t delay, say and close the chapter. Move on to the next hill because it’s the climb that is important.

Be honest

Always be honest and truthful about your feelings. Sometimes sugar coating does more harm than blunt truth so don’t give others to scrutinize and play with your relations. Always be transparent and honest.

Pour your heart out

You heard me right say what is there in your heart and smile because you deserve to get loved. The same ways always appreciate the feelings of your love. Two-way communication always helps.

Change for good

Last but not least if you love him or her so much and they want something better for you then there is no harm in changing. Everyone unconsciously changes so it is nothing bad to consciously make an effort to make her happy.

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