Dont wish for it – work for it quote

Dont wish for it – work for it quote

Anything in life does not get fixed automatically, so just wishing does not help. You will need to concentrate and put efforts in the right directions

Too much expectation is always bad. In any relationship, people assume and take things for granted that normally any couple has this behavior so even my husband or my wife will be doing it. This is all because of virtual built up which does not match the hard-core reality with all people.

So, if your friend had her honeymoon in the most exotic locations and your fiancé has traveled abroad on his company trip earlier. Please girls do not assume you will also go Maldives, Italy, or some other similar location for your honeymoon. It could be that his earlier trips were shared, or moreover financed by the company. So if you want to go out don’t assume. Talk it through understand the ground reality if all good go and enjoy your life. But if there is something stressing you both then take pause and sort it out first and plan better. Your travel plans or marriage life does not end after your honeymoon.

So basic rules –

1. Always do a reality check
2. Do not head start with huge expenses unless and until you have sorted it for five years ahead
3. Accept what in store for you rather than take charge. Then gradually turn the tables and expect things to improve.
4. Moreover, accept you will have conflicts. No one is perfectly compatible. However, we slowly adapt to the other personality. Even if you have been in a relationship before moving in or getting married. Dynamics change every now and then so accept there will be conflict. And work towards mutual agreements.
5. Act sensibly. Usually, it is expected from both that in a relationship both of them need to be sensible. But trust me it’s a rollercoaster ride. And you will grow emotionally together.


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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