Hi! I am Garima… It’s my Life

Hi! I am Garima… It’s my Life
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Hello Friends, I am Garima from Lucknow and I want to tell you about my exciting sex life!

I am still single, 25 years old, and currently working as a Manager in Unisex Saloon in Noida. I left Lucknow 5 years back. My father died 9 years ago.

Let’s not bore you more…

This story started when I came to Noida in 2015. I was a virgin at that time and never been into any relationship. I am from a very decent and conservative family.

I came to Noida with my mom and she had arranged my stay at one of the girls’ hostel in Sector 22 and I took admission in IGNOU for BA as correspondence. Since we were not from a very rich family so I had to earn and take care of studies simultaneously.

With the help of my cousin, I got a job in the call center in Noida itself.

As soon as I got the job, my mom went back to Lucknow as she is unable to afford more leaves from her receptionist job.

Everything was normal till now and I was very focused on my job. I was trying very hard to learn more and more about my job roles and responsibilities.

I was a trainee along with the other 10 trainees who joined at the same time and we were under the probation period of 6 months.

After 7 days, we were introduced to our new trainer named Rohit. He was a very good looking, matured and very knowledgeable guy. One day –

Rohit: Hi Guys! I am Rohit from now onwards, I am your trainer as well as your team lead. So, you guys are now working with me. I am working here for the last 5 years. I am sure you will be able to learn and earn a lot with me.

Then he took some time to settle down his stuff and connected his laptop to Lan connection. I was very shocked to see him with a laptop because what I have seen and heard that we all guys need to use a desktop computer only. I hardly saw anyone with a laptop in the office in the last 7 days. I was continuously looking at his actions. After few mins…

Rohit: So, Guys, let’s start with the intro part. Who is going to start introducing from you guys?

One by one everyone gave their introduction and me too. When I got my chance to speak, I said, “I am Garima Sir, I am from Lucknow and currently staying in Noida and doing BA.”

Then, he moved on to some other girl. I think he did not even bother to look at my face even while I was giving my intro to him. I am an attention seeker. I felt very sad.

When all introduction was over, he said, “Very well… If anyone wants to ask any questions from me. Please free to ask”

So many thoughts were already running in my mind, suddenly he said if anyone wants to ask anything, unintentionally I raised my hand and then someone else also said “Sir” and he was still busy on the laptop.

He looked at him and said, “Yes!” and then looked at me and saw me raising my hand too.

My colleague: “Sir, how long this training will be..”

Rohit (Trainer or TL): “What’s your name? Sorry, I forgot!”

My colleague: “Sumit”

Rohit: “See Sumit, your training will be of 1 month or maybe more till the time you guys are trained to work in a live environment. Till that time, you all will be working on the test environment. After that, you will be get trained in a live environment for 3-4 months. Anything else you would like to ask?”

My colleague (Sumit): “No Sir”

Rohit: “Yes Garima!”

I looked at with my pale-faced, I never imagined that this guy would even remember my name. I was still in shock and surprise state, was continuously looking at him. He again said, “Garima Right? I hope I am taking your correct name”

I said, “Yes Sir!”

Rohit: “You want to ask anything?”

Me: “Ya!”

Rohit: “Ask then!”

Me: “I wanted to ask how old are you”

I don’t know why this question was to keep poking in my head, so I asked bluntly.

Rohit: “Ooops!”

He took a pause then said, “I am 28 years old. Anything else you want to know, Garima?”

Me: “No Sir”

I wanted to ask so many questions but didn’t want to offend him with so many personal questions that were bombarded in my head at that time, but he must analyze my situation. So, he asked again, “Sure!”

I said, “Yes”

Rohit: “Ok!”

He then took his mobile from his pocket and kept on the table by looking at the screen once.

That time, everyone including me was again shocking, because we were not allowed to carry phones inside the premises. We have been asked to keep our phones in lockers allotted to us near the cafeteria.

Suddenly one another guy from my training team (out of curiosity) asked him, “Sir is it allowed to carry mobile phone inside?”

Rohit replied, “No, you guys are not allowed to carry mobiles inside the premises, only a few people are allowed. Fortunately, I am one of those!”

Then something poked something inside my mind, “how can he be allowed with a mobile phone inside the premises moreover he has his laptop. He must be on any top-level position or maybe something. But he said he is just a team lead.”

Then without knocking and without our knowledge, someone entered our training room. He was looking a bit older guy and was wearing a formal suit with a tie. That guy said to Rohit as soon as he entered the room, “Rohit – did you checked your email? There is one email from Joseph.”

Rohit replied, “Not yet Sir, which email?”

That Guy: “Something related to new guidelines and SLA”

Rohit replied, “Ok Sir”

Then Rohit started surfing his laptop and he was looking at his laptop screen. Then Rohit said, “This one!”

That guy said, “I guess so!” then they both spend some time in reading that email. Then they both discussed with each other which I did not understand at all.

After that guy was about to leave the room, then Rohit called him, “Sir one second” he then looked at him and waited.

Then Rohit introduced that guy to us, “Guys! This is our boss, we all be working for him only in fact, everyone working here is working for him only, his name is Rakesh Chaudhary!”

Then Rakesh Sir said very politely to us, “Hi guys, how are you all doing. I hope you all will learn a lot from Rohit. I am sorry guys I am a bit busy right now, I will meet you all little later. See Ya!”

Then Rohit said, “Bye Sir” and Rakesh Sir left the room.

After that, Rohit said, “I need some time to understand this email and then need to reply to this email. Why don’t you guys take a break? Take a lunch break of 1 hour!”

I thought wow… Earlier we were getting half-hour breaks only now it’s an hour break. Cool!

Then suddenly some asslicking guy said to Rohit, “Sir, would you like to join us for lunch!”

Rohit replied, “No guys you carry on! I don’t have time. I guess you all are availing the free food facility of the company, you guys must have got your food passes!”

We all replied instantly, “No Sir! We all paid from our pocket only”

Rohit said, “Wait!” and went out of the training room and came back just after 2-3 mins with some slips in his hand. Then he picked his mobile phone and dialed it to someone on the speaker.

Rohit (after call connected): “Hi Suraj! I am Rohit, calling from the XYZ project.”

Suraj: “Yes Sir!”

Rohit: “See there is a new batch but they did not get their food passes so far, I will connect to the admin team later to get them enrolled on the food roster.”

Suraj: “Ok Sir, but how can we allow them?”

Rohit: “I am giving them food slips signed by me and stamped by the project, you will get your reimbursement. I will drop an email to your supervisor and admin too.”

Suraj: “Ok Sir, but the lunch has not yet arrived!”

Rohit: “It’s ok, anyways they have a 1 hr break so they will wait. Just take the food slips from them and allow them to have a meal.”

Suraj: “Sure Sir, Not a problem!”

Then Rohit disconnected the phone, and handed it over one slip to each and said, “Ok guys, take your break and enjoy your meal. If in case you face any problem then you can call me on my mobile written on this slip”

Then we all started leaving the room one by one. I was collecting my stuff from the desk and have seen Rohit again went to his laptop and started doing his stuff on it. I was the last one among all to leave the room. I was about to reach the door, then Rohit called me, “Garima!”

I said, “Yes Sir!”

Rohit said, “Please close the door once you leave this room”

I said, “Sure Sir!”

Rohit: “By the way, nice top”

I looked at my top it was of green color with V neck. I smiled at him, and said, “Thanks Sir!” then left the room by closing the door!

I am sure this time he checked my assets properly and I felt a bit strange but felt happy too because I am an attention seeker and he must have checked me out properly, that’s why he was praising my top.

Then we all came downstairs to the cafeteria, and by the time we reached to café, the food was ready to serve. And our team was the first one to take the meal from the café. But, before giving the slip to the café guy I feed Rohit’s phone number into my mobile. I don’t know why! I kept thinking about him only while having lunch, maybe too many questions that were still unanswered.

When I finished my lunch and went to keep the plate in a used utensil rack. I saw Rohit is entering into the cafeteria and saw that few people were greeted him by shaking hands with him.

He then went to a paid stall and bought a coffee for him and went outside the café.

Some of my trainee friends also wanted to smoke so we also left the cafeteria in some time. Once we were out from the cafeteria I saw Rohit in the smoking zone was sitting inside the smoking and looking into his mobile while smoking and coffee cup was on his side.

One of my male guy from the team went to him and asked for lighter. Rohit gave him his lighter and that guy lit his cig and came back in our group and we were standing near the Rohit only.

I asked the guy who was having the cig – do you have another cig? He said, “Sorry yaar I have only this one! But do you smoke? I have never seen you smoking?”

I said, “Sometimes!”

He said, “Ok if you want we can share or you can ask from Rohit Sir!”

I immediately went to Rohit, and said to him in a very low tone, “Rohit do you have another cig? Can I borrow please?”

I thought – Oh Shit! I called him by his name Rohit, not Sir!

I again said, “Sorry I mean Rohit Sir”

sexy girl in classroom 1.JPG

He smiled and said, “It’s ok, I am not old enough if you want you can call me Rohit too! Take it!” and he handed over his cig pack with his lighter to me.

I have taken a cig pack with his lighter and said to him, “May I please sit with you?”

He said, “Sure!”

Then I sat beside him and lit my cig and I said, “Thanks Rohit!”Then Rohit Said, “May I ask you sometime?”

More details to be continued in the next part…!

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