Lovely Date Ideas and Perfect Ending

I am very lazy and even when thinking of dating I think of the comforts of staying at home and cooking leisurely. Maybe after the entire weeks of rush, the peace in the arms of your loved ones comfort you more than anything.

So try these few things and you will love and remember this date for your lifetime.

  • Create a small nook or corner for yourself



Surprised!!! You won’t believe what are they made of. Yes! these are kids tent covers reutilized while they were on vacation at their grandparent’s home.

  • Cook simple yet filling. So, simple dishes like pasta or pizza but cook together. Watch some movies or binge on old Netflix goals. And keep it relaxing so don’t do too much. If you don’t like cooking order something but make the most of it.



  • Keep soothing music on 

  • Drink light champagne, beer, or vodka whatever suits your mood. Call and celebrate it like an occasion
  • Keep a messy dessert – Yes, it will get you in the mood to enjoy. Try strawberry fondue.
Strawberry Chocolate Fondue

Buy it under Price: ₹ 549.00


  • Most important don’t shy away from passionate lovemaking. 

Do all this without doing much and trust me you will enjoy this date and remember for a lifetime.

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