Night with No End – Coffee Story Part 2

Night with No End – Coffee Story Part 2
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He turned his lean, toned, and bareback towards her. She felt every inch of her body crave to pounce on him and make him whine by pushing her rosy petals along his well-shaped collar bone. He looked more inviting from his back and his eyes wouldn’t judge her be so dismissive to her desire. Something strong swelled in her chest when she heard the desperation in his voice.

“Are you going to stand still here or seriously help me with it? I am not going to bite you trust me” – still mocking for her dismay to come any close to him. She quirked her lips with sarcasm and that was all they had developed in the first few weeks of their new marriage.

marriageSameeksha and Vikram had recently got married. It was the same as many of her other friends, their families had fixed their marriage too soon as their father was a close friend with Vikram’s maternal uncle. They knew each other too well and isn’t it normal for Indian relatives to play matchmakers. Vikram was working in a private bank in Mumbai and didn’t get much time to meet or talk to her just a few phone calls. She was preparing for her college final exams which were supposed to happen in March. She even thought things would go on like this for at least five-six months and by the time she will also convince herself to may get into a professional beauty course and delay the marriage by a year or so. Maybe by that time she will understand Vikram and think about getting married. But sudden lockdown derailed their plans and families mutually decide to get them married soon after engagement. So, a very simple marriage amidst lockdown and immediate shift back to Mumbai was all the new couple got.

Although, their families were only ten hours’ journey from her new paradise in Mumbai. But had started missing everyone. she had not visited anyone nor anyone visited them. All of it was so sudden it was difficult for her to consume everything. Her exams didn’t happen and she was married to Vikram whom she hardly knew. Although she was happy about exams not happening. It was not that she was not career-oriented but graduation to her was a gateway to look for other opportunities in life. And now here she was drying his hair and thinking what to do next because she never planned what was happening and what she had planned never happened. Her hands slid through his hair and enjoying the tender gesture while she brushed his silky black hair with her fingers following the droplets which fell from his head over his eyelids and then her eye settling on his tilted jaws.

From the day she arrived in Mumbai with Vikram, he had been always nice to her and took great care of her but it never felt to be in a relationship. It felt more like two strange people staying together and taking care of their needs. So Vikram would get her milk, groceries, and vegetable for the day before going for office as he was included in essential services. She would try and adjust to readjust things at home and try and get adjusted to them. She would cook him lunch for office and then dinner for the night.

Not to forget the online shopping she did. Thanks to the amazing Amazon, that everything she needed was at her doorsteps. And to keep balance she would have endless video conferencing calls with her cousins and mom. It still looked more like a bachelor pad where she was trying to misfit her stuff. Like, the single bed had moved to the guest room and double bed shifted to their bedroom. The dining had a new set of cutleries she got from her local market back home in Tarkarli.

The sofa had a new cover and the blinds got changed to fresh white sheets. There were tons of things added to Vikram’s small den which even made him feel it wasn’t his home anymore. Not to forget the beautiful carpet she got exported from Taiwan which almost took almost 20 days to deliver for which Vikram was teasing her a few minutes. All of this going in her head while she was drying him and smearing away water droplets above his shoulder.


Suddenly, he turned to place his bare chest right on her breast and only a towel separating them. “I think he can hear my fast heartbeat” – Sameeksha felt her body paralyzed and was not able to do anything when he held her strong by her waist. As a natural gesture, she leaned more towards him. His mouth came close to her lips and said “Let me see what will happen if I bite you”. His lips moved slowly and bit her lower lips. She moaned to open her mouth giving way to his tongue inside. She tasted so sweet and fresh like cherry and he had approached like a conqueror and was very persuasive. He took advantage of her parted lips and entered neatly his tongue searching seeking and stroking her cautiously and then not so cautiously. But as soon as he felt her melt against him, he gentled again. He was using her lips like any blind man would run his fingertips to know his world.

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Discovering his angel with every little excavation as he sucked his leisure. There was no stopping and he continued to kiss her as if he was breathing her air. Even Sameeksha thought if she will ever able to breathe alone. She knew nothing and she did not want to feel anything else. His hands swept down her body and encircled around her waist as if he had his doll finally. Sameeksha touched his shoulders when they glued. Her reaction made him pull her straight against his toned body.

She felt strange that she could feel so much by just one kiss. Although these days had been very different. He always showed his care but this openness this need was raw – unexplored. She tangled her fingers in the wet hair at his nape and explored the bare muscles of his neck and should. He felt so strong. Occasionally there had been a few encounters where Sam had felt a sudden rise of heat and excitement in his presence but today it was different. Something was different, she was thrilled when she sensed that her touch runs a shudder through him. He shivered right next to her.

A hazy fog of sensuality encapsulated her “Happy First Month Anniversary” ….To be continued

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