Arranged Love: Falling in love with a stranger Kindle Edition

Arranged Love: Falling in love with a stranger Kindle Edition

Arranged Love - Falling in love with a stranger Kindle EditionNivri does not enjoy flying alone—she hates it but gets on a plane from New York to India to surprise her family for Diwali. What she never expected were the surprises life would throw her in the short time she is in India.

Starting with spending an adventurous thirty-six hours with a complete stranger who soon turns unforgettable. Like her favorite song she couldn’t stop humming, she cannot stop thinking about him.

Nivri is amazed by the strong feelings she has developed for a complete stranger in such a short time. Will she follow her heart and trust her feelings to be love for a man she met in her travels?

Arranged Love is a short and sweet story about how life gives Nivri love as her surprise. It ends with a sweet happily ever after…

My Opinion: – I really like the soft encounter Nivri had with the guy. Although the instances which P.G Van are highly dramatic but isn’t that we as reader want. More than reality and escapism to a fantasy. The erotic parts are so well written that they give goosebumps to and honestly I read a few texts again just to feel the same passion.

They guy’s character is so tender story with very gullible characters, with almost a next-door boy appeal. Well written and more love to PG Van. There Is Always Something Refreshing And An Aura Of Feel Good Surrounding Most Of The Books Penned By Author PG VAN.

I bought the book from above link however it even available as kindle edition with library membership at amazon.


About the Author

P.G. Van has been writing romance novels for 4 years. In total she has published 18+ romance novels. Van is a popular author on, with an average book rating of 4.15 out of 5 stars. Quite a few of her books are set in contemporary times.

“Everything I see, everything I do in my day to day life inspires me to write. The twists and turns are what I pull together, first as part of the bare bones and build up the story to the twist. Meeting the expectations of my readers while keeping them captivated was my biggest challenge with this book.” -P.G. Van


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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