Book Review: The Rule Breaker: A Passionate Celebrity Romance

Book Review: The Rule Breaker: A Passionate Celebrity Romance
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The Rule Breaker has it all—stunning good looks, fame, fortune, and screaming fans. The notorious lead singer is the brains behind one of the biggest bands in the country. He has the power to mesmerize millions. Can she withstand his charm and undeniable magnetism?
She was one of his adoring fans but not after what happened six years back. A conversation he didn’t care to remember and one she cannot forget.
The last thing she expected when she agreed to join his band on a tour was getting close to him, too close for comfort.
He is the rule breaker, and she could not let him break something so precious—her heart.

Note: The Rule Breaker is a stand-alone passionate romance with a HEA.


My Review: I give it a thumbs up and way beyond. I could not keep the book on the table and read the entire story in one sitting. I advise guys please if you start reading the book do it when you nothing plan for the next day. It keeps you on edge and very well written.

There is not one but two love stories in it. The characters are realistic and well developed.

The story is basically about 2 singers who sing in different genres and history than ran in their family. The female lead is strong and ambitious at the same time obedient and loyal. Keshav is just the kind of guy a girl needs. The book was eye-catching.


About the Author

P.G. Van has been writing romance novels for 4 years. In total, she has published 18+ romance novels. Van is a popular author on, with an average book rating of 4.15 out of 5 stars. Quite a few of her books are set in contemporary times.

“Everything I see, everything I do in my day to day life inspires me to write. The twists and turns are what I pull together, first as part of the bare bones and build up the story to the twist. Meeting the expectations of my readers while keeping them captivated was my biggest challenge with this book.” -P.G. Van



Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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